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Scorpio Latitudes
Scorpio Latitudes - Finally Released: All About Friendship Gone Sour

“... even with the best of wine, when you drink too much, all you get is drunk.”

Three stoners: a real estate developer, a marine biologist, and a schizophrenic; what could go wrong? Find out here in Scorpio Latitudes.
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Scorpio Latitudes


wagon on porch

A Mexican Tale
A Mexican Tale - Recently Released: Musings on existence

"Father Juan says that except for holding hands, until we are married, you should touch me only with your eyes.": Lupita

What happens when innocence collides head-on with reality? Life, death, Love, Renewal; it's all here in A Mexican Tale. While Visonario and Razonar hold weighty discussions regarding their seemingly random interests, events are being unknowingly influenced around them. Four young friends are caught up in the collateral damage stemming from the arguments of the spirits. They, at least, will never be the same again.
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A Mexican Tale


Panama Sunset Tower

Briefed On Arrival
Briefed On Arrival - Recently Released, a high tech thriller

"We don't spy on any Americans! [we spy on all of them]": attributed to an anonymous NSA staffer

Want to know what the world's intelligence agencies are really thinking? And doing?? The shadowy world that surrounds US global intelligence gathering is brought into the spotlight when a hacker defeats the layers of firewalls that protect the most secret of secret agencies. When a worm is introduced into the secret government computers that analyze global communications data, the tables are turned on the agencies that collect and decrypt the data. Move aside Snowden. The breach threatens to expose the capabilities of the most capable internet hacking organizations that exist anywhere on the planet  -  starting with the NSA.
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boa cover

Briefed On Arrival


Oakland @ Dawn

Better To Know Where
Better To Know Where - Sailing the San Francisco Bay

"I'm only doing this for the money.": Richard Allen Davis

Better To Know Where (BTKW): an entertaining look at a sailing voyage in San Francisco Bay. Sail aboard a small yacht on an insightful three day voyage through space, time and philosophy. Rooted in aesthetics and the waterfront history of the San Francisco Bay, the novel starts with the basic premise embedded in the title and never looks back. Both technical and Zen aspects of sailing are discussed along the way. Follow along on the voyage as the author weaves drama and tragedy with history as he takes you along with him on a romp aboard his 30 foot sloop, Summer Wind.
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hotel backpacker

The Queen's Demise
The Queen's Demise - Recently Released as an eBook

Wearing only her belligerency and a low cut cotton dress, the queen walked to her fate. Sometimes, justice is swift and sure.
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The Queen's Demise cover

The Queen's


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moon cloud

Obscured By Clouds
Obscured By Clouds - Just Released as an eBook

How much fun can two old friends have with a couple beers and a 1960 Mercury? Find out for yourself.
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Obscured by Clouds cover

by Clouds


Under   $3!

fog bow

Blue Zen
Blue Zen and Five More Short Stories

- Just Released as an eBook

Introducing a full half dozen short stories, some humorous, some poignant. Blue Zen is perfect for those of us with limited time to read. Laugh or cry with the characters. It's your choice. Topics include love, philosophy, tragedy, uncommon culinary arts, diet science, and just how far a man will go for a beer.  It's all here in Blue Zen.
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Blue Zen



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